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Corporate Social Responsibility: how do we do it?

Giving our 19th century mansion a new soul and preserving the 125-year-old historical structure was quite a challenge. Yet we wanted to do this in a responsible way: with every choice we made, we thought about how we could be more environmentally friendly. How can we make 'people, planet & prosperity' live together harmoniously? A sustainable approach where we want our guests to have a pleasant and comfortable stay, knowing that their ecological footprint is reduced to a minimum.

An extensive renovation took place over 2 years: we combined the newest techniques with our old, existing materials. And with success! Even before our opening, we received the 2022 Green Key label. We were proud to receive this sustainability label for the tourism sector this year as well.


  • Our heating is provided by heat pumps which reduce the primary energy consumption by 50%.
  • All windows have been replaced and fitted with high-efficiency glass.
  • Solar panels provide a significant share of our electricity; the electricity we buy is also 100% green.
  • A far-reaching digitalisation of our processes makes it possible to monitor and control our energy consumption; the up to date domotics makes it easy for our guests to join in the energy story.
  • Our guests are encouraged not to request fresh towels and sheets every day in order to use less water.


  • A state-of-the-art ventilation system with heat recovery ensures that the air quality in all rooms remains optimal without excessive energy consumption.

Building materials and interior

  • During the renovation, the new materials were carefully selected: they carry an A label, another eco-label, are fair trade and/or are cradle-to-cradle certified;
  • We like to give decoration, gadgets a second life: this is not always possible, but we were able to give the counter from an old grocery shop a second life, we had chairs from Van den Berghe-Pauvers re-upholstered, our bar consists of recup materials from former catering businesses....  If you look closely, you can also see vintage decorations here and there. Can you spot them?


  • Sustainable management with monthly monitoring;
  • Water-saving showers and taps have a maximum flow, without compromising on comfort.
  • The choice of organic cotton for sheets and towels was quickly made, as it uses less water during the production process and releases less harmful substances into nature.
  • We are proud of our tap water thanks to a cooperation with the "MADE BLUE Foundation"! You get the best drinking water for Site78 and the world: for every carafe that comes to the table with us, 1000 times more clean drinking water is provided elsewhere on earth for people who previously did not have access to it. Would you like to know more about this? Click 'here'.
  • Rainwater is collected separately and reused in some of our toilets or infiltrated back into the soil.


  • Honest & delicious food: you will find mainly local, artisanal, organic and fair trade products.


  • Our guests can enjoy eco-bikes, with accompanying bicycle storage and charging points.
  • We are currently building an underground car park for our visitors with 4 charging stations for electric vehicles.


  • Enjoy our garden and the private patio at room Bellis, they are silently and environmentally (pesticide free) maintained by gardener Wendy.

Any other suggestions for our sustainability story? Please let us know!

Site 78
Site 78